ALFA Straight



A project that emphasizes ergonomics

ALFA is an integrated system designed for the senses, which inspires the day to day.

A project that privileges the ergonomics and the comfort to intensify the sensation, solving the different needs of space and work.

The ALFA system assumes no cosmetic compromises or limitations, thanks to a complete range of accessories and furniture.

Catalog and Technical Features


Glass, acrylic or melamine

The ALFA signature feature is the metal leg (straight or curved). The leg supports rectangular or rounded tops.

The ALFA leg is powder coated epoxy, existing in 10 standard colors, and can be combined with the corresponding colors of glass, acrylic or melamine.

The partitions are available in different materials: Melamine, glass, acrylic or fabric.

Structure Finishes

Aluminio Texturado, Antracite, Branco, Cinza, Preto


Melamina: Amarelo, Melamina: Antracite, Melamina: Azul, Melamina: Branco, Melamina: Cerejeira, Melamina: Cinza, Melamina: Faia, Melamina: Ferro, Melamina: Maple, Melamina: Pereira, Melamina: Preto, Melamina: Wengué, Postforming Cinza, Postforming: Pereira, Vidro: Bronze, Vidro: Fosco, Vidro: Gris, Vidro: Listado, Vidro: Preto

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