AND Conference



A new multidisciplinary approach

AND more than a system is a style, a way of working.

A new multidisciplinary approach, which meets the criteria of economy and development, where simplicity meets the needs of each space.

Versatile, it allows dynamic changes in a multipurpose way in multipurpose spaces.

Catalog and Technical Features


Avant-garde character

Solutions with shared frameworks provide a lightweight and elegant look, but guarantee robustness in integration into different spaces.

A full range of combinations of colors and dimensions, epoxy-painted structures that combine with melamine or glass tops that convey an avant-garde character.

Structure Finishes

Aluminio Texturado, Antracite, Branco, Cinza, Preto


Melamina: Amarelo, Melamina: Antracite, Melamina: Azul, Melamina: Branco, Melamina: Cerejeira, Melamina: Cinza, Melamina: Faia, Melamina: Ferro, Melamina: Maple, Melamina: Pereira, Melamina: Preto, Melamina: Wengué, Postforming Cinza, Postforming: Pereira, Vidro: Bronze, Vidro: Fosco, Vidro: Gris, Vidro: Listado, Vidro: Preto

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