ATHOS Simple



Maximum operationality and dynamics

An office furniture system that realizes optimized and lasting solutions, where it is simple to be and to work.

ATHOS provides maximum operability and dynamics, based on simple structures and aesthetically appealing, with great versatility of integration.

Catalog and Technical Features


Coordination, stability and dynamics

The great flexibility of solutions makes difference, simplicity and aesthetics guarantee the best suitability.

ATHOS optimizes space through the diversity of layout alternatives.

Colors and finishes diversified in style and personalization. ATHOS, coordination, stability and dynamics

Structure Finishes

Aluminio Texturado, Antracite, Branco, Cinza, Preto


Melamina: Amarelo, Melamina: Antracite, Melamina: Azul, Melamina: Branco, Melamina: Cerejeira, Melamina: Cinza, Melamina: Faia, Melamina: Ferro, Melamina: Maple, Melamina: Pereira, Melamina: Preto, Melamina: Wengué, Postforming Cinza, Postforming: Pereira, Vidro: Bronze, Vidro: Fosco, Vidro: Gris, Vidro: Listado, Vidro: Preto

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