A system without aesthetic compromises or limitations

ÍCONE, the workspace division system that guarantees acoustic and visual privacy.

ÍCONE allows you to live better in open spaces without losing your identity and intimacy, always staying in touch with your work team.



Flexibility and elegance

Flexibility and elegance transmits the ÍCONE system, a cross design that introduces a new level of aesthetic to the job, solving the most different needs of space and work.

The tables can be equipped with melamine, fabric or glass partitions, complemented with drawers, CPU supports and other accessories.

A new way of interpreting and living in executive and professional ÍCONE.

Structure Finishes

Aluminio Texturado, Antracite, Branco, Cinza, Preto


Melamina: Amarelo, Melamina: Antracite, Melamina: Azul, Melamina: Branco, Melamina: Cerejeira, Melamina: Cinza, Melamina: Faia, Melamina: Ferro, Melamina: Maple, Melamina: Pereira, Melamina: Preto, Melamina: Wengué, Postforming Cinza, Postforming: Pereira, Vidro: Bronze, Vidro: Fosco, Vidro: Gris, Vidro: Listado, Vidro: Preto

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