JADE Double



Wide range of work environments

JADE is both functional and surprising, enabling integration into a wide range of work environments.

JADE is more than just a desk, it also offers the possibility of creating meeting tables, being totally suitable for any type of formal or informal meeting.



Flexible and adaptable

The system not only meets all applicable office standards, but also matches all other additional elements such as screens, blocks, or swivel chairs.

JADE is inspired by an almost invisible but decisive detail: the connecting element. Legs and beams can easily fit into this element, thus achieving a perfectly stable connection.

JADE is a flexible and adaptable system. It has impressive design details, where design logic results in a compelling global concept.

Structure Finishes

Aluminio Texturado, Antracite, Branco, Cinza, Preto


1200×1600, 1400×1600, 1600×1600, 1800×1600, 800×1600


Melamina: Amarelo, Melamina: Antracite, Melamina: Azul, Melamina: Branco, Melamina: Cerejeira, Melamina: Cinza, Melamina: Faia, Melamina: Ferro, Melamina: Maple, Melamina: Pereira, Melamina: Preto, Melamina: Wengué, Postforming Cinza, Postforming: Pereira, Vidro: Bronze, Vidro: Fosco, Vidro: Gris, Vidro: Listado, Vidro: Preto

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