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We value the trust you place in us and the confidentiality of your data. The confidentiality and integrity of your personal data is one of our main concerns. This Privacy Policy establishes how the Core Metalworking, Lda  team uses personal data:


  1. Who is responsible for processing your personal data?

The. Core Metalworking, Lda  is responsible for processing the personal data of its subscribers who fill in their data and submit the Contact Form available through the contact page (Link:


  1. How do we collect your personal data?

The. If you fill in your personal data and submit them through the Contact Form.


  1. For what purposes and on what grounds can your personal data be used?

The. Under the data protection legislation in force in the European Union (the General Data Protection Regulation) the use of personal data has to be justified under at least one legal basis for the processing of personal data. This will apply to the collection and use of your personal data for support / clarification purposes.


  1. What personal data can be collected?

The. The following categories of personal data may be collected through the channels and services described in this Privacy Policy:


  1. i) Contact information – Name, contact, email.


  1. How do we keep your personal data secure?


The. We use a variety of security measures, including encryption to help protect and maintain the security, integrity and availability of your personal data.


  1. Although the transmission of data via the internet or website cannot guarantee total security against intrusion, we and our service providers make our best efforts to implement and maintain physical, electronic and procedural security measures designed to protect your personal data in accordance with applicable data protection requirements. Among others, we implemented the following:


  • Restricted personal access to your personal data based on the “need to know” criterion and only within the scope of the communicated purposes;


  • Protection of information technology systems through firewalls, with a view to preventing unauthorized access to your personal data;


  • Permanent monitoring of access to information technology systems with a view to preventing, detecting and preventing the misuse of your personal data.


  1. How long do we keep your personal data?

We retain your data until you exercise your right to erasure.


  1. Who can we share your personal data with and how do we keep it secure?

Your personal data is stored on the secure servers of our suppliers/service providers and is accessed and used exclusively under our policies and standards (or equivalent policies and standards of our suppliers/service providers).


  1. How can you change or withdraw your consent?

The. You may, at any time by e-mail – provided you can prove your identity – withdraw or change your declarations of consent submitted to Core Metalworking, Lda , with effect for the future. After the complete withdrawal of your consent declarations, your data will no longer be processed.


  1. You can also request information about your data stored at Core Metalworking, Lda , as well as the rectification, deletion or blocking of your personal data. Additional details on the treatment of your personal data by Core Metalworking, Lda  and on your rights are available online, in our privacy policy.


  1. How can I contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

For clarification on this Privacy Policy, on the Cookies Policy or for the exercise of any type of data protection and privacy rights or for any matter relating to the topics of data protection, privacy and information security, the Users, Recipients of the Service and Customers of Core Metalworking, Lda  may contact the Data Protection Officer through the email, describing the subject of the request and indicating an email address, a telephone number or a mailing address for reply.


Cookies Policy

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For clarification on the Cookie Policy or for the exercise of any type of data protection and privacy rights or for any matter relating to the issues of data protection, privacy and information security, the Users, Service Recipients and Customers of Core Metalworking, Lda  can contact the Data Protection Officer through the email, describing the subject of the request and indicating an email address, a telephone number or a mailing address for reply .


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